Cross Stitch

Cross stitch kits  is very easy and enjoyable needlework crafts. which is made by cotton thread or silk thread with washable DMC color.All cross stitch on this site is printed with photo, or called stamped cross stitch  which has photo designers on white canvas . this can make people do the needlework easily. you can see example below of the printed cavnas

Printing above make it easy for people to do the needle work . but Note that you should never let any water drop on the canvas which will ruin the color on it.The Cross Stitch Kits selling on line is not finished kit.

you have to do the needle work by yourself. and NO FRAME, NOT FINISHED.We offer CUSTOM PHOTO INTO CROSS STITCH Service,  you can email us your favorite photo. and we can make it into cross stitch for you .  which takes 3-4 days to do a custom cross stitch .

Who can do the cross stitch ?

Cross stitch is available to anyone , even kids .  It can bring happiness and relaxation for people. when you finish the kits, you become an artist. very cool!


When you order from us , you can get these in one bag kits.

  • one printed canvas
  • one set of DMC thread of cross stitch
  • one set of tools 
  • one paper of instruction code . 

cross stitch skills

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cross stitch patterns

cross stitch designs